About Me


A child of the Midwest, I spent my early days staying home sick from school to run around the kitchen in my underwear imagining scenes from movies.

But then I grew up. And found a way to get paid to run around my kitchen pantslessly imagining scenes for movies.

After dominating high school in entirely adequate fashion, I went on to get my Bachelor’s Degree at NYU. During my senior year, I started writing feature films and got the itch (the good kind).

I spent the next few years freelancing, winning awards, coaching competitive acting (Speech), and pitching films to production companies, nearly optioning several.


Last fall, my arm exploded itself, which gave me plenty of time to sit and study how to write television. I’ve since created three original series, complete with pilots and bibles, as well as two scripts.

I look forward to many more pantsless trips to fantasy land I have ahead of me.