About Me


A goofy goober the Midwest, I spent my early days staying home sick from school to run around the kitchen in my underwear imagining scenes from movies I might write.

But then I grew up. And found a way to get paid to run around my kitchen pantslessly imagining scenes for movies.

After dominating high school in entirely mediocre fashion, I went on to get my Bachelor’s Degree at NYU. My favorite class was a creative writing workshop which led me to start writing feature films and television series.

I spent the next few years freelance writing, winning awards, coaching and writing for competitive acting (Speech), performing stand-up, slappin’ the bass, and pitching films to production companies, nearly optioning several.

Add some more years and you add more short films, short scripts, sketch comedy productions, improv performances, and slapped bass (my least favorite fish).

Thong Song Thumb 4

Now venturing into a realm of prose and multimedia with my eBook series The Workshop, I hope to bring the world a bit more goofy goodness amidst all of our gooey badness (idk, I’m not a writer– oh, crap). Well. Anyway…

Here’s to many more pantsless laps around my kitchen.